The advantages and disadvantages of paper art sofa booth

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-17
Booth sofa is now one of the most widely used in the restaurant one of the visitors, it is comfortable, atmosphere, fashion, paper art sofa booth. Today for you in detail the advantages and disadvantages of paper art sofa booth. Compared advantages: 1, cloth art sofa booth, paper art sofa booth more decorative effect, use paper art restaurant booth sofa gives a person a kind of atmosphere of fashionable feeling, no doubt more in line with modern aesthetic idea. So restaurants and pay big money to decorate the restaurant, it is better to purchase paper art sofa booth for restaurants for visitors. 2, paper art booth sofa is more comfortable, close skin, warm, besides beautiful color design, paper art booth sofa comfort and flexibility, and not cloth art sofa booth to match, this is a restaurant owner more choice paper art booth the important reason of sofa. 3, paper art sofa booth and more modern fashionable dining-room decorate a style, and there's another advantage of paper art booth sofa is easy to clean, because of the waterproof leather and not easy to dirty, so clean paper art sofa booth at ordinary times you just need to use a wet towel to wipe it again is ok, don't bother like clean cloth art sofa booth. 4, soft the skin of the package design art booth sofa usually adopts pull point design, this point design of back of a chair and cushions, when is being squeezed from the human body can play a massage effect, make people more comfortable. Shortcomings: 1, cloth art sofa booth the breakage of the general good repair, and since you are can unpick and wash the design, even the fabrics appeared not to repair the damage, then only need to change a new sofa cover is ok. The paper art sofa booth is more troublesome, after damage is difficult to repair, so from life, cloth art sofa booth service life is longer. 2, paper art booth will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of leather sofa, quality more bad of the booth sofa leather from how long did not begin to damage, and skin, the serious damage to the booth the service life of sofa, and affect the image of the restaurant. If is to choose the better production booth sofa leather, and no matter how life, just the high purchasing cost also let many restaurant owners. Is the skin after art booth has the advantages of the sofa, and the existing paper art sofa booth disadvantage!
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