The advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of fast food restaurants tables and chairs panel

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-26
There are three common fast-food restaurants tables and chairs panel material, wooden tables and chairs of fire prevention board, stainless steel furniture panels, as well as glass fiber reinforced plastic panels. Today small make up take you to understand their respective advantages and disadvantages of the three panel points. First is the woodiness of fire prevention board market fast food restaurants tables and chairs, except for a few solid wood tables and chairs, other all is fire prevention board is made and be become. Fire prevention board to fast food restaurants tables and chairs mesa of fire prevention board is actually a kind of melamine board, but since the milk powder and other Chemical melamine event & throughout; Later, the furniture industry melamine plate will be renamed as fire prevention board. Fire prevention board is called fire prevention board, except for the above reason, or because of its fire prevention, high temperature resistance. This is fire prevention board to fast food restaurants tables and chairs, one of the reasons for the popularity because no matter what kind of hot food, even if it is hot hot oil splash to the desk and chair mesa of fire prevention board to fast-food restaurants, after dry oily be soiled, hot table will not leave any mark. In addition to high temperature resistant, fire prevention board and other relatively unique advantages: 1, the wear resistance of fire prevention board is it besides & other; Fire & throughout; The another big characteristic. Especially the modern quality manufacturer to provide the fire prevention board of fast-food restaurants tables and chairs, the wear-resisting revolution can be up to 700-1000, this more than the general wear-resisting board wear-resisting 100 turn 10 times as much, the wear resistance of fire prevention board. 2, antibacterial, easy to clean, this is another major characteristics of fire prevention board restaurants tables and chairs, a feature is also loved by the guests. Fire prevention board panel surface with a layer of wear-resisting layer, cut off from it, oily be soiled of infiltration and contamination. Sputtering to desktop stains can be clean easily. Followed by the glass fiber reinforced plastic chair we often see in the dining room, and in fast food restaurants, the eat desk and chair of glass fiber reinforced plastic production now is not rare. Glass fiber reinforced plastic fast food restaurants tables and chairs with sturdy, anti-corrosion insulation, and with a strong sense of modelling. Crucially, FRP restaurant tables and chairs is a kind of the eat desk and chair of the cheapest price, very suitable for low guest unit price of fast-food restaurants. Finally the stainless steel for the stainless steel eat desk and chair, believe everybody is not strange. Restaurant tables and chairs for material requirement is high, need wear-resisting, anti-corrosion, easy to clean, high temperature resistant, high bearing quality. For this reason, stainless steel has been applied to the fast food restaurants tables and chairs production industry for a long time. Whether is it fire prevention board chair, chair, most of the tables and chairs frame is made of stainless steel. There are many table, table frame on the market are made of stainless steel products.
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