Teak eat desk and chair?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-29
Teak is recognized as a world rare tree species, known as & other; The king of all wood & throughout; The reputation. In countries such as teak eat desk and chair is made of a second of the rare hardwood furniture of annatto furniture, in China, because they do not produce teak, so credibility is not high. Today we'll come to learn more about teak eat desk and chair what are the characteristics. 1, true and false teak eat desk and chair: currently, China's claims on the market of teak eat desk and chair mostly siebel goods, there are few whole made of teak wood. Most of them are teak frame, teak skin of other material of the panel. So when the choose and buy teak eat desk and chair, consumers don't be deceived by the assistant, ask is teak wood production, or just the cover of teak. 2, material rare, low prices, with rare wood such as mahogany, teak and precious material, but the price is relatively cheap, teak eat desk and chair price only with the domestic high-grade, high-grade eat desk and chair price is quite even. Is a rare wood species has not yet been hype. And teak eat desk and chair to use for a period of time, the surface color won't change for a long time, but will become more beautiful. A feature match before, teak eat desk and chair has the maintenance and appreciation of the good function. 3, beautiful color, texture, straight in southeast Asian countries, teak exclusive royal, and silk in ancient China, nan not equal status, and in countries such as, teak status is synonymous with rare material to plant. And the furniture market in our country, teak eat desk and chair beautiful color, high gloss, color uniformity, texture is straight, according to the traditional sense of the yellow, purple, black, four red and five white five hierarchy, teak furniture belongs to the first place. 4, teak eat desk and chair material features good: teak coefficient is one of the smallest wood is dry, so the eat desk and chair of teak production stability of all the products, and will not deformation. Good resistance to bending and teak, wear resistance and corrosion ( Is the ship main timber) Water resistance, thermal resistance, is the best material make restaurant tables and chairs.
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