Tea restaurant tables and chairs | custom first confirmed through!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-26
Abstract: many customers will be careful to make custom restaurant furniture to effect or quality is not what you want, namely heart sounds, for this problem? 吗? 吗? 1, let the customer rest assured: what's trust; In custom furniture we each product will give customers confirmation, do a first article good and ready to notify the customer come to factory test board, to live after confirmed by mass production. 2, if there are any quality problem to do: by first confirm that some customers will ask? Batch production of products are not satisfied with? We have a product customization agreement first, secondly we regret to inform the customer after we all product production to factory all acceptance, if the customer pick out the problem we can solve right away. Anyhow let customers customized comfort and satisfaction. 3, customer opening time too late to do: we are a custom factory, each department staff can change at any time, high flexibility, if one product has a problem we can solve within 2 hours, for example: some customers think our leather chair line slanting don't accept this chair, so we can immediately arrange car line master to cut tare new car line until customer satisfaction.
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