Tea restaurant sofa order method and the matters needing attention!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-25
Compared to the western restaurant, after the Chinese culture, originated from Hong Kong tea restaurant is more easily accepted by people in mainland China. More and more in recent years, tea restaurant open, little place such as railway station, bus station is not tea restaurant. Open tea restaurant, must make to order a sofa, a tea restaurant small make up today is to introduce you to tea restaurant sofa order method, as well as customized tea restaurant sofa need to be aware of some of the key! 1, tactile and visual is we know the quality of tea restaurant sofa first senses. Touch tea restaurant sofa surface can clearly feel the fabric and leather sofa close skin; While through visual can see sofa fabrics have off color, work fine, the modelling of the sofa is beautiful. 2, tea restaurant filler material is the key to determine the sofa comfort factor. General tea restaurant sofa internal filler has two cotton sponges and figurines. And a little bit and we want to is not the same, tea restaurant sofa sponge filled not density, the higher the better, although because of the high density sponge will play high, but low comfort. So there will be two general sofa sponge filling layer, the underlying using high density sponge, use medium density sponge surface. Such a comfortable sofa sits high tea restaurant, and it is not easy to collapse. 3, the next is the tea restaurant sofa skeleton, which mainly includes two parts, part include sofa, include the requirement of completely real wood mortise and tenon joint connection precision, man-made board include the hardware material will use high quality, connection precision; And the other part is the trampoline, now used tea restaurant sofa spring pad for coil spring and bandage mixed bundle. Such a trampoline was not deformation, and more comfort. Custom make tea restaurant matters need to pay attention to have a lot of sofa, in addition to depends on the rationality of the design, the quality of raw materials, factory production craft level is the key factor. But now many of the eat desk and chair custom manufacturer are open to the customer, the customer can in the production of tea restaurant tables and chairs the whole supervision. This is the best way to ensure the quality of the tea restaurant sofa!
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