Tea restaurant booth sofa leather protection and maintenance!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-25
Abstract: restaurant gets stuck in the sofa is soft outfit is important in the side, in the business into the shop, customers can choose the booth mostly sit sofa, sofa chair seat area area compared the use of frequencies much higher, since much use then you can know booth sofa leather protection and maintenance of tea restaurant? Today booth sofa custom small make up some experience to share with you. 。 。 。 。 。 1, tea restaurant booth sofa leather protection we all know that belongs to the public, general restaurant owners are not genuine leather, most of it is imitation leather, in the daily use of we make is necessary protection, to some extent is the continuation of the booth the service life of sofa, first we need to do is prevented bask in, imitation leather is the most afraid of be the sun, because a rise in temperature will lead to imitation leather oxidation and easy to peel. Followed by the tool, I have seen many restaurants stacked some things are on the sofa, there are the following tools on the imitation leather sofa, carelessly weapon such as a screwdriver will keep skin prick, electric drill, etc. 2, tea restaurant booth sofa leather maintains make we talk about how to protection for maintenance, regular maintenance is necessary, we can simple maintenance once a month, once every three months to maintain. Simple maintenance is daily wipe, because some customers trousers are chromosomes, sitting on the sofa will rub off, if you don't go to pipe it may spread to imitation leather cause dilution or lose imitation leather surface luster after dyeing. Maintenance is going to do some big action, can buy some leather care agent to the Internet, or leather wax can, as long as it is imitation leather see light of wax or wipe the maintenance agent, this is good for the gloss of leather maintain and will then have to light after waxing, bright color. Better a thorough cleaning before waxing, keep no dust, no foreign body. To note here, in the sofa before waxing maintenance with dry cloth is wiped dry, can not leave a trace of water, need no water left. Because there is water, just like the first rub off in the future, waxing don't in the sunshine, ventilation is good, the process of wax above is our manufacturer experts advise, hope to be of service, welcome to leave comments, thank you!
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