Standard booth sofa sponge density

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-30
When it comes to booth sofa, soft bag sofa sponge, everyone in mind, the first one is & other; High rebound sponge & throughout; Every booth sofa manufacturer, after all, is to promote themselves' seats sofa such quality. Today to introduce you to them sofa sponge density standard. Sponge is all soft package design booth sofa is one of the essential raw materials, the sofa comfort plays a vital role. Each booth and sofa are needed in the process of making a variety of different density sponge. 1, what is the sponge density? The sponge density: refers to the weight of every cubic meters of sponge, unit of measurement for kg/m3. Different density sponge, it shows the physical characteristics of each are not identical, such as elastic, soft and hard degree and so on. The higher the density sponge, sponge is smaller, the gap between the higher the back stretch and hardness of the sponge. 2 standard for booth sofa using sponge, sponge density, country for its density has a unified standard. According to the density of sponge, can be divided into three types: high density sponge: the density is more than 45 kg/m3 for high density sponge sponge; Medium density sponge: density of 18 ~ 45 kg/m3 for medium density sponge sponge; Low density sponge: less than 18 kg/m3 density sponge for medium density sponge. But the characteristics of sponge is not completely determined by the sponge density. Some manufacturers will take on the market such as substandard sponge by adding talcum powder to increase the weight, and if add super soft additives to high density sponge, high density sponge will become very soft. So in terms of density sponge sponge softness and elasticity is unreliable. So booth sofa manufacturer at the time of procurement and production booth sofa sponge often is not in accordance with the density, but according to the elasticity and flexibility of sponge sponge can be divided into high rebound sponge, low memory foam, hard foam, soft, super soft sponge sponge.
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