Solution of different style restaurant tables and chairs is tie-in

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-01
With the development of economy, western restaurant is very popular in China, the positioning of the restaurant itself gradually tend to be popular. However, compared with the general restaurant, western restaurant is pay attention to your own style, it helps to better meet the customer's consumption forecast. Small make up today to borrow for you introduce a few kinds of different style restaurant furniture collocation solution! Type 1, leisure and refined this restaurant tables and chairs and small endowment style of western restaurant is very match, the eat desk and chair are generally use log, metal, paper art and cotton and linen fabrics produced, these natural material and furniture modelling is very exquisite artistic and aesthetic feeling, when the combination of western restaurant tables and chairs are put together to form a casual elegant dining space. On the colour collocation, western restaurant tables and chairs on small endowment and elegant, predominantly dark commonly, not too much to use light color. Table many of them are shenmu color design, and eat chair is to choose heavy color or neutral pure color, cool color, in combination with such pure white bone porcelain dish, or the European gold porcelain, ornament effect of dreaming. 2, European aristocrat use the eat desk and chair of the western restaurant itself decoration are generally European classical wind design, and the design of the restaurant tables and chairs and European classical design. It needs to bring western restaurant is a kind of European aristocracy peculiar noble, of course, the noble is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, is implicit but not make public. Otherwise the whole restaurant can give a person a sense of slick nouveau riche. Also because of this requirement, the integral design of the restaurant tables and chairs and a western-style restaurant on pay attention to build complex. That's why the classic European style design in the use of magnificent golden time often can match with heavy color. 3, contracted a multiple-layered this is also the modern western restaurant of the more popular a kind of decoration effect. It abandoned the European wind original massiness and depressing, pay attention to return to nature, nature and humanity, is the most can release a kind of decoration style of the self. Such a western restaurant in whole decorate exquisite contracted and delicate, mostly on timber from natural wood. With western restaurant tables and chairs are best is to have artistic Nordic breeze restaurant tables and chairs.
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