Solid wood sofa booth design size

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-18
Solid wood sofa booth is a category of booth sofa, in restaurants, bars, public places are common, even in the home also can see the figure of solid wood sofa booth. Purchasing real wood sofa booth, many customers are thinking about the size. This article introduced the design of solid wood sofa booth size for you today! Regular size: each booth sofa production of solid wood sofa booth size difference is not large, so form a regular booth size sofa. For solid wood sofa booth, the booth of different design, mainly depends on the size of the difference between a wide, and the backrest height, deep, high design size, there is no difference. A deep size: 600 - 400-650 mm size: high Backrest height: 450 mm - 850 Double a booth sofa seat width: 1000 mm - 1000 Three 1200 mm people a booth sofa seat width: 1500 - Error: 1800 mm size of each booth sofa manufacturer production of solid wood sofa booth has some differences, the size of the slightly difference and beautiful sex does not affect the usability of booth. In general, booth on size design sofa, deviation of not more than 50 - 100mm。 Conventional double a unilateral booth, for example, the size of the sofa is commonly high deep long * * : 1200 mm * 600 mm * 1100 mm, behind the booth to remove by the depth of the design in general is 450 - 500mm。 And the size of the four people a two-sided booth sofa is generally high deep long * * : 1200 mm * 1200 mm * 1100 mm, the length, depth, height will grow a bit, or darker. In terms of solid wood sofa booth size, manufacturers usually according to customer's actual use of space, and personalized customer requirements to determine the final size of the booth design. So, in fact, every customer customized booth, will vary in size.
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