Solid wood furniture factory reveal machining process of solid wood furniture!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-31
The production of solid wood furniture, balance should be based on the raw material selection, dry, wood processing and paint spraying process. Concealed weapon in ingredients, wood parts can be divided into materials and internal material, appearance and dark. Three kinds of material, appearance materials exposed, internal materials means used in products, such as gear, floor, etc. , within the dark material is under the condition of normal use can't see the parts, such as drawer slideway, package panel. Then jack plane, to make thick wool plate, length of wool plate finishing wind, trimming cutter can't use the flash on wool board. Note with panels of wood plate material selection points straight grain, grain, color is consistent, with plate width according to the required width reasonable allowance, to make inside crack, the crack in the material, knots, blue variable, deadwood part. For cloth and rubber cloth evenly between wood glue, use machine will be assembled, timber and poor makeup when pay attention to the height, length, color difference, knots. Plane pressure and then the cold-press, flat grinding, paint spraying process, such as for complex modelling also need to the milling machine. This is also the reason of solid wood furniture prices, in addition to the material itself is expensive, and the processing technology is very complicated.
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