Solid wood dining room custom-made wood drying process

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-31
In solid wood furniture raw materials can be directly processing do not hew timber furniture, all wood should pass plane skin drying process, first install wood charging, the request is placed flat, out of shape not easily; 1, between wood moisture evaporation with same size every separate, convenient for ventilation and dry, improve the drying speed; By drying medium in the drying process, pass the heat in the process of wood drying wood; At the same time, the evaporation of moisture in wood away. 2, how far to dry wood in certain circumstances, after long enough, its moisture content will tend to be a balance value, referred to as the equilibrium moisture content of the environment. When equilibrium moisture content of lumber moisture content is higher than that of environment, the wood will platoon is wet contraction, vice of hygroscopic and expansion of will. Dongguan region, for example, the balance of the annual average moisture content of 18. 3%, in the Beijing area is 11. 4%. Dry to 11% of the wood used in Beijing is appropriate, can be used in the hygroscopic and expansion of dongguan will, deformation. So, wood drying, not as dry as possible. Different regions, different USES, demand for lumber moisture content is also different. 3, the moisture content measurement method commonly used in production of drying method and electrical measuring method. Drying method is measuring wood specimens before drying and after drying ( Absolute dry) Moisture content difference method to measure the moisture content, the method is of high accuracy, but time-consuming trival, generally applicable to the laboratory. Electrical measuring method is based on some of the electrical characteristics of wood and the relationship between the moisture content, moisture content designed to measuring instrument direct measurement of lumber moisture content, the method of convenient and fast, precision than drying method, but can satisfy the requirement of production technology, suitable for mass production of wood furniture, etc. As we specializing in the production of solid wood furniture factory, every year on the original timber demand is very large, common wood furniture factory; Ash, oak, northeast China ash, beech, old elm, rubber wood, pine and Chinese pine in the majority.
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