Solid wood desk mesa and plate mesa is good or bad!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-31
Recently many clients in consulting our company real wood desktop is good, worry about deformation of solid wood table, recommended for plywood stick wood table again afraid quality is bad, we are to share the mesa of solid wood and plate mesa is good or bad! 1, solid wood table some restaurant investors in order to meet its restaurants class to choose real wood desktop, this kind of material is really quite good in quality, the scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, high hardness, but real wood heat bilges cold shrink, over time will appear different degree of deformation, bending, lead to the overall effect looks like a defective goods, table ( In this remind you any real wood deformation) And the price is relatively high, general use in the 5 - Eight years or so, there will be a problem. 2, plywood, preferred to stick wood desktop is about plywood stick wood is certainly not deformation or bending, its abrasion, scratch resistant degree is relatively solid wood desktop are certainly almost, but relatively price will be much cheaper, and the effect to be made almost the same from the outside, in the 3 - service life 5 years, general use 3 - the eat desk and chair in a restaurant 5 years also want to change it, not because of the quality change, because change to keep up with the class and meet the market demand.
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