Six people restaurant table size is it?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-31
For Chinese people love lively, 8 people is a standard table. But if not so eating in western restaurants, 8 people too, without a western restaurant need that kind of quiet atmosphere; Four people too little, atmosphere is not active or 6 people best, 6 people for dinner, now more popular a kind of social way. Small make up today also want to tell you about 6 and dinner, the size of the restaurant table 6 man. Six people restaurant table size and its modelling, different formative six western restaurant table is its size will vary greatly. First is three people sitting in the restaurant table, the table 6 people are the most common. 1, 3 people sitting 6 people square table still remember 'love apartment' in western dinner scene, all the western restaurant use is that the three men sat 6 people restaurant table. The restaurant table is generally between 1500 mm to 1800 mm length, different restaurant use table size will have some differences. And the width is generally between 800 mm to 900 mm, the height of the optimal design of 750 mm. 2, all sitting around 6 people western square table on a table in the west are common, and that all sides round square table is rare, usually used in the household. , unlike the above a restaurant table, a table, above dining guests will only sitting on either side of the table, and this table takes guests sitting around the table. With longer on both sides respectively by 2 people, the width of the narrow side sit only 1 person. For use in a different way, this restaurant a restaurant tables and chairs in the desktop and on the table there are some differences on the length and width. The six people on the west the length of the table is usually between 1200 mm to 1500 mm, width is usually between 800 ~ 900 mm, height is usually 750 mm. All sitting around 6 people have western food square table common size: 1200 mm * 800 mm, 1400 mm * 800 mm, 1500 mm * 900 mm. 3, 6 people restaurant table size is a square table more traditional western restaurant table, in the west, the round table used for meeting, for example, one of the most famous twelve knights of the round table is so. After introduced into China and western restaurant, in order to take care of the Chinese living habits and aesthetic preferences, also become a western restaurant table of commonly used a round table. Six western restaurant table, its more than common size is 1 m, 3. The perimeter of 14 meters basic can satisfy the six people round for dinner.
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