Several common sofa style style bar

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-12
Bar is not import, it has a history of more than two thousand years in China, the original bar called premises, called pubs, restaurants, then. With the reform and opening-up, the western culture into the home, also great changes have taken place in the form of a bar. Only bars has been more than ten kinds of style, this in addition to greatly promote the development of the bar industry, also for bar sofas, tables and chairs put forward more requirements on the design, but also greatly enriched the sofa bar style and style. Today to introduce you to several common bar is the sofa style style, let you in selecting the bar before sofa know more about it. 1, Chinese style sofa bar bar in China has a history of more than two thousand years, although suffered the impact of foreign culture, but some are still retained the classic style. Chinese style sofa bar in the structure is still the continuation of the pure solid wood sofa chair design fundamental key, of course, compared to pure classical Chinese style furniture, it has made a tremendous improvement. Now the Chinese bar are generally new Chinese style sofa design, the design materials and USES a lot of modern sofa design gimmick. Collection of flexible and practical and classic culture at an organic whole, give a person with comfortable enjoy. 2, American pub sofa bar and American culture, straightforward, open style bar got great development in the United States. In the United States, whether it is a country town, or city, basic can see the figure of the bar. The bar to the prosperity of industry also promoted the development of the bar sofa industry, American pub sofa sui generis. In the design, the American bar continues the consistent American furniture sofa is comfortable give priority to the design of the style, so the volume of American pub sofa is compared commonly big, and line design is straightforward, color soft. According to the style can be divided into: divided into traditional classical American, American country, American pastoral, American, etc. 3, european-style bar sofa since modern furniture industry development, Europe type furniture is popular in China, nature also cannot avoid custom bar sofa industry. Compared to the American bar of that kind of rugged design sofa, european-style bars will be composed, delicate many sofa. Sofa is fundamental key with elegant nobility designed bar, line is exquisite, colour is gorgeous, the outline is clear, detail processing also elaborate on many. 4, japanese-style bars, I believe you know more Japanese furniture sofa the most number of couch couch rice. You feel about it is small, delicate and practical, this is the characteristics of the typical Japanese furniture, japanese-style sofa bar as well. Compared to other sofa style bar, japanese-style sofa bar the biggest characteristic is its small delicate, reflect nature style and pay attention to the breath. The bars on the market sofa is consistent with the above introduced several kinds of style is given priority to, but if the segmentation can be divided into dozens of different styles. Such as euro-bar sofa can be divided into Jane's, and so on many kinds of classic European style and the new classic style.
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