Semicircle booth build | points two sofa combination or a whole good?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-28
Abstract: choose factory customized booth sofa, although what kind of sofa can be customized, but also according to personal interests and the actual situation, a set of points are two semicircle sofa combination or a whole good? We have to share with you today. 。 。 。 。 。 Separate two zhang and whole round sofa do 1, the advantages and disadvantages of the many restaurants are in 2 - now 3 floor inside the shopping mall, so have to separate two production, at the time of delivery can enter goods elevator, regular round sofa is to do more than 2600 diameter, general cargo lift is not such a big size of the space, so they must be separated two composite production. 2, two separately in the location of the site might just sit in man there is spelling a juncture, it's embarrassing, but our factory in the production of composite semicircle sofa skeleton and soft bag is made of separate, soft cushion package will be installed in production of the scene. 3, 1 / f, if it is the kind of restaurant can do overall, so you don't have to consider when delivery into don't get in, generally do whole of our manufacturer relatively good production, customer use also is better.
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