Scalable tables

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-06
Simple folding table already cannot satisfy the modern people to the table class furniture aesthetic, practical needs, so a new type of table appeared on the market products & ndash; — Scalable table. Can automatically adjust the table desktop area and the folding receive a function, give attention to two or morethings and beautiful sex is very high. Today to bring us is launched a scalable table. Below is the product design, very suitable for contracted restaurants and small family household use! Move the advisory contact online customer service! Table features a scalable material choose confessions oak table, one hundred timber wood texture pattern beautiful smooth few scar. The texture of natural and pure and fresh let whole real wood of oak table is full of simple sense, open way of spraying retained the original of oak desktop tactility more exquisite and smooth texture, large board refused to board face joining together, desktop scaling modelling is based on scientific design with makings is very functional. Design highlights the whole table in the constriction of 110 * 80 * 75 cm long, on the desktop after length 140 cm, can solve a lot of small family dining, the situation of the small square table can also be used as a leisure table, table, adjustable brace expansion energy, simple and convenient opening and closing, high quality and exquisite craft seemingly simple solid wood are particularly attractive. Brand characteristic is committed to the modern furniture table chairs factory retail brand, focus on food and beverage, has 20 years of experience, has always been the pursuit of a very solid wood on select material to ensure that the material of natural and healthy, furniture production is through the safety inspection.
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