Restaurant wooden table material how to choose better?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-27
Summary: this is a true case, there is a customer come to our factory to order the furniture, is a 300 flat tea restaurant, saw a lot of samples in our factory are really took a fancy to a few tables, chairs and sofa booth, but the desktop on the material of choice he don't know what to say, that is fire prevention board material and wood veneer do paint material don't know how to choose, in fact this is already have the answer for our expert, then here today and share the difference between two kinds of material, you will have the answer. 。 。 。 。 。 1, wood veneer, wood veneer desktop desktop is refers to the base plate, and then the 3 mm thick wood veneer press by 24 hours of cold pressing machine, and then on the cutting edge, the paint, but want to emphasize here is that the desktop is best not to choose this material, because the paint after long time of contact with water and detergent will corrosion surface; Thus appeared the phenomenon such as peel fade, general this kind of material is suitable for equipment eat cabinet, booth sofa, and a wardrobe wine! 2, fire prevention board, desktop restaurant desktop is often contacts with dishcloth, this fire prevention board material is very good to deal with this, the first fire prevention board material is high temperature resistant, wear resistant surface, normally a dish in the case of 60 degrees also won't affect the desktop, the second is the corrosion of water and detergent are also won't cause harm to the desktop, so here you naturally have the answer!
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