Restaurant the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture build | select paint color!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-30
Abstract: furniture factory for so many years, has been committed to the research and development and customization of mensal chair furniture, make we have dust-free paint room tables and chairs is not the same, colour and lustre degree or feel is the industry's top level; Oil paint advantages: 1) Protection function which is a common existence oil paint and coating, the advantages of oil paint, of course, anticorrosive, waterproof, prevent oil, chemicals, light resistance, heat resistance, etc. Objects exposed to the atmosphere, such as oxygen, water erosion, cause metal corrosion, wood decay, such as cement weathering destruction phenomenon. Coated with oil paint in the surface of objects, forming a layer of protective film, can prevent or delay the damage phenomenon of the occurrence and development, prolongs the service life of various materials. So, the oily coating protection as a major role. 2) Decorative function paint color, luster, design and smoothness, etc. Different material objects coated with oil paint, can get the colorful, colorful appearance, have the effect of beautifying human living environment, to human material life and spiritual life of the contribution that nots allow to ignore. 3) Other effect paint still has tags, anti-fouling, insulation, etc. For modern oil paint, this effect compared with the former two roles become more and more shows its importance. Some oil paint products of modern can provide a variety of special functions. Paint shortcomings: contains strong excitant odour, the gas contains a lot of harmful substances, harm human body health, usually 1 - after use 2 months, strong excitant odour volatile to basic tasteless, banana oil, day take water as diluent, contains a lot of harmful carcinogens benzene, xylene, etc. Oil paint and water-based paint difference: a water-based paint, environmental protection performance: only with water as diluent, harmless to human body health, restaurants with more solid wood furniture, the eat desk and chair of many restaurants can choose a kind of water-based paint. Oil paint, lacquer thinner, day take water as diluent, contains a lot of harmful carcinogens benzene, xylene, etc. Water-based paint smell: do not contain harmful carcinogens, avirulent insipidity, stay after brushing. Paint: contains strong excitant odour. Three, water-based paint appearance: because do not contain harmful substances, not to evaporate in the air, so there won't be easy to become yellow, more durable like new. Paint: long-term constantly slow release harmful substances volatile, so easy to become yellow, poor durability. Four quality water-based paint, paint film: a new generation of water-based paint product rate is gas film plumpness, hardness, or high score degrees are not inferior to oil, also can make the oil can't reach high-grade furniture unique & other; See wood not paint & throughout; The effect. Oil: film quality is better, but the film more hard and brittle, after damage is not easy to repair. Five, the stored water paint, non-flammable, no special storage requirements. Oily: highly flammable and must be stored separately according to requirements of the fire. Six, the construction performance of water-based paint: no special requirements, after simple training, namely can besmear to brush, for own coating and repair is very convenient. Paint: must go through professional training and practice can besmear to brush, due to the strong professional, ordinary people are hard to brush. The painter of our factory is a well-paid, very familiar with paint properties, many restaurants of solid wood furniture furniture the can distinguish is the kind of paint properties.
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