Restaurant tables and chairs the daqo maintenance

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-27
Restaurant tables and chairs of use fixed number of year is compared commonly long, restaurant owners in order to reduce the depreciation rate, make the maintenance work of restaurant tables and chairs. As for the specific maintenance methods, is often decided according to the material of restaurant tables and chairs, let below small make up cover for you! 1 restaurant tables and chairs, cloth art, paper art fabrics soft package restaurant sofa, chair surface using either leather fabrics, or cloth fabric. This soft package design of eat chair cleaning and maintenance up more troublesome, because in addition to the sofa, all of the chairs are not unpick and wash the design, usually with besmirch must use professional tools to clean. Professional tools: sofa special vacuum cleaner, neutral soap wire brush, sofa, drying machine, cotton. Paper art eat chair is easy to clean up the leather has a good waterproof antifouling properties, brush with cotton cloth to wipe can wipe clean with water. When cloth art, paper art eat chair break, restaurant must not ignore, or damaged will be worse. Unable to deal with. When the dining room chairs failure, it should be all break, eat desk and chair together, and then ask professional personage to repair. 2, pure solid wood dining tables and chairs on the market in recent years popular new Chinese style eat desk and chair, wind and eat desk and chair are generally pure real wood design of Chinese restaurant. And soft package restaurant tables and chairs, pure real wood eat desk and chair is solid wood part exposed, when using need to match the cushion. Pure solid wood chair is one of the advantages of long service life, now the domestic antique market still holds the Ming dynasty classical eat desk and chair. And pure real wood the eat desk and chair of the maintenance mainly decontamination, in addition to scratch. When it needs to be pure real wood chair a scratch according to eat desk and chair primary colored, then play on paraffin wax. Pure real wood maintenance points of the eat desk and chair has the following several: ( 1) Wipe the eat desk and chair to use cotton cloth, do not use other fabrics, prevent scratch; ( 2) Use at ordinary times avoid dining room is the use of direct sunlight, otherwise will make wood cracking deformation, facing faded. ( 3) Pure solid wood chair must wipe the essential oil maintenance regularly every year. Special attention is needed here is a kind of marble dining table, usually made of pure wood frame, solid wood table marble Mosaic. Marble table acid can not contact for a long time, because the main material of marble is calcium carbonate, easy REDOX reaction with acid, corrosion on the marble effect, it must pay special attention to in usual care.
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