Restaurant tables and chairs made | restaurant furniture field decorate the disadvantages of doing!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-26
Abstract: open a restaurant effect is very good very beautiful but now make furniture is bad? This not only affect the effect of the whole restaurant is reduces the taste. 。 。 。 。 。 1. Field tend to make what kind of furniture? General decoration team will do some cabinet, the cashier at the scene, the base of the booth sofa, because a lot of party a will at the time of sign the agreement with decorate in order to save trouble are contracted to decorate party together, but often backfire. 2. The furniture will have what problem? General field of furniture will be rough, looks like a defective goods, although the scene produced very convenient but does more harm than good, detrimental to the overall effect. 3. Site for making furniture and furniture factory custom; First scene produced furniture it without furniture factory equipment, such as push Taiwan saw, some cabinet field cutting Angle of 45 degrees, so do it is not perfect, and some do paint spray paint of spot of woodiness furniture is definitely not in our professional paint room to have the effect, and we also provide free on-site measurement size furniture, accord with the actual site, make products not only reflected in the work details and eat desk and chair a batch production, guarantee the quality of the products in accordance with the color, in this way can the real effect. Eat desk and chair order is specializing in the production of dining room furniture furniture factory production!
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