Restaurant tables and chairs fraud real wood eat desk and chair factory?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-04
Do you know? Sold on the market of solid wood dining room has a lot of fakes. Many businesses are deliberately confused concept of solid wood eat desk and chair, misleading customers, sell the solid wood dining tables and chairs as a solid wood dining tables and chairs to customers. Let's take a look at the dining-room furniture factory is how fraud on the market solid wood chair! Restaurant furniture factory fake wood eat desk and chair is nothing but two purposes, first is to reduce production cost restaurant tables and chairs, improve profit margins, and compared with real wood dining tables and chairs, these false price cheap real wood eat desk and chair, can form the price advantage, promote sales. Is now the second restaurant guests comparison pay attention to environmental protection and health, solid wood dining room demand is higher and higher, fake wood dining tables and chairs are more able to meet the market demand. Restaurant furniture factory fraud solid wood chair method basically has the following three kinds: 1, we want to introduce the first kind is a form of fraud is the most common, that is on the table the table paste wood veneer, make table desktop and solid wood look the same. Such false desktop some internal is man-made board solid wood table, but there is another situation. Is such a false solid wood for use within the table surface is real wood, but is either a low-grade lumber production, either the same wood is flawed. And because of its itself is real wood production, eventually even customer discovered the fraud, also can dummy eat rhizoma coptidis, have bitterness could not say. 2, the next step is to explain the second solid wood dining room tables and chairs, counterfeiting and the first one that was stolen. Understand live must have heard of solid wood furniture market refers to the plate. Yes, dining tables and chairs manufacturers take refers to the board as a solid board, and then refers to the dining room after plate production are naturally has been dubbed the solid wood dining tables and chairs. Actually refers to the joint board is pure real wood as base material, but are not actually use board scrap, the leftover material recycling, refers to the coil plate, and then into a restaurant table, chair, and finally as a solid wood dining room to sell. 3, it is because the merchant's much-trumpeted, and refers to the joint board furniture than the real price of real wood furniture is lower, so to meet board once, it is also creating solid wood dining tables and chairs on the market of the third kind of fraud & ndash; — Imitation refers to connect plate restaurant tables and chairs. In the eat desk and chair surface labeled refers to grain of wood veneer, internal plate is a variety of man-made board. Finally got the market selling.
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