Restaurant tables and chairs factory advantage!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-11
Restaurant tables and chairs, restaurant gets stuck in the process of the custom, the customer always meet all kinds of problems! Solutions for specific situation, below small make up for you on restaurant tables and chairs, restaurant booth custom advantage! 1, customized restaurant tables and chairs, restaurant booth, step by step is a big hassle. Restaurant tables and chairs are proposed from the customer customization requirements, to furniture design, production, and logistics, installation, after-sales, furniture factory provide the entire restaurant table furniture custom services. Every link in product customization, real-time response, tracking all the way, let a guest close carefree! Dining-room furniture custom service, not only save worry, more money, can save 20% furniture industry for the guest about custom fees! You only need a phone call, the rest of the things we done for you. 2, say good manufacturers selling price, offer more expensive than the agent for many restaurant furniture factory, the most important marketing channel is the agent. In order to protect the interests of the agent, desk and chair manufacturer network pricing is usually the highest priced slightly higher than the agent. This is the customer feel manufacturers selling price than the agent sale price is higher. Tables and chairs is a do not develop middlemen terminal direct market of the country's restaurant furniture factory, furniture price is the factory cost price. 3, a number of restaurant tables and chairs, spent tens of thousands of logistics costs alone. Dongguan is the highway, railway, aviation, communication with the integrated transportation hub. Furniture factory, which is based on dongguan, layout the national marketing network, As far as India, Burma, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia) , for the customer provide dining furniture custom services. In addition, the domestic many large logistics companies to provide the depth of the VIP service, can save a lot of logistics costs for our customers. 4, a go, always can't find the right product excellent design and process, is the basis of the dining room. Dining furniture has experienced design, production team, have invested heavily to hire senior designer furniture, each product can be individually designed for the client, joint customer demand, close to your idea.
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