Restaurant tables and chairs and dining-room environment how to match?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-08
Western restaurant tables and chairs in the layout of the need to pay attention to the collocation and restaurant environment, do not affect the overall decoration effect, it is best to use restaurant tables and chairs to integrate into the environment, and highlights the entire restaurant decoration effect. 1, western restaurant tables and chairs are leading western restaurant restaurant tables and chairs will occupy the whole dining room in a prominent position, the attention of customers enter the restaurant the first will be dining tables and chairs. So, in decorating a process of the whole western restaurant, not a western-style food desk and chair with whole decorate the environment, but the restaurant's all packaging are foil, in order to give prominence to the western restaurant tables and chairs the protagonist. 2 tables and chairs color matching the whole decoration of the restaurant, western restaurant, all the color match colors must not exceed 3 kinds, or it will give a person a kind of mixed and disorderly feeling. And restaurant environment color matching between western restaurant tables and chairs and pay attention to use similar color coordination. And in order to highlight the protagonist in the western restaurant tables and chairs in decorating a process status, the metope of the restaurant, and other decorative use less visible hue, western restaurant tables and chairs can choose light color or conspicuous bright color. 3, the use of contrasting colors in the western restaurant decor, contrasting colors can be emphasized a kind of adornment effect, but if large area is used will give people a feeling of a jump, also easy to cause eye fatigue. In the western restaurant, it is recommended that the contrasting colors only use a small scale in key areas, there will be the only bright spot in the western restaurant, or as an ornament with contrasting colors, achieve outstanding decorative effect, such as using contrast between western restaurant sofa and pillow. Other areas of the restaurant color color ( Including western-style food desk and chair) , are required to make good color too much.
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