Restaurant tables and chairs and collocation

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-04
Dining room is decorated, must not think that choose good restaurant tables and chairs, dining tables and chairs what can have adornment effect, can have much practical effect, but also see how restaurant tables and chairs are put. Small make up today to bring you a restaurant tables and chairs are put and tie-in skill! In fact, each kind of different restaurants, they eat desk and chair is put requirements are different, such as coffee shops and Chinese restaurants, they eat desk and chair design and put the way is totally different. Because of space limitations, here can't cover all types of restaurant tables and chairs put method, we only introduce the market most of restaurant & ndash; — Fast food restaurants and small restaurant tables and chairs are put skills. 1, fast food restaurants are very popular, but eat desk and chair of the placement and layout is very characteristic. Fast food restaurants in the guest unit price is very low, average fast-food restaurants full easily, so a lot of fast food restaurants put chairs and tables are exquisite space utilization, namely within the limited space of as much as possible put the eat desk and chair, it can promote the hospitality of fast-food restaurants ability, and profitability of the restaurant. And want to put more restaurants tables and chairs, as far as possible to fast food restaurants the size of the tables and chairs, design requirement is higher, and the tables and chairs tend to be dense. At this time of the fast food restaurants tables and chairs are put priority and neat, tidy the eat desk and chair is put not only can make whole dining room look clean and tidy, and still can let dining-room space is the most effective use. Fast food restaurants tables and chairs are put generally keep horizontal lines, vertical columns. 2, some restaurants are layered, such as restaurants, fast-food restaurants such as multilayer. This restaurant is the first layer of snacks, fast food, the second order; Or is the first layer is the dining hall, restaurant is on the second floor balcony. Layout and different restaurant, restaurant tables and chairs and dining room tables and chairs to put way is completely different. So when purchasing dining room needs to consider the function of the restaurant and put way, so as to determine the purchase number of restaurant tables and chairs. 3, the largest number of markets, small restaurants, such as ramen soup rice, etc. , the number of restaurants in the eat desk and chair are usually less, dining-room space is also very limited. In this is the only need to emphasize that these small restaurants do not use the round table, dining chair and it is best to use fission eat chair. This is because very few people go to these places to eat is dinner, eat chair and square table can meet the customer's expectations.
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