Restaurant sofa tailored | sponge is one of the major materials of sofa!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-26
Restaurant sofa tailored | sponge is one of the major materials of sofa! Abstract: a lot of times you see the design is novel, beautiful, exquisite craft of sofa, must know the sponge inside are recycle, we all know that recycle stretch is really sponge a third less than, so that we see a lot of dining-room decorate beautiful beautiful, still but ugly sofa cushions already collapse, it is very likely is to recycle. 。 。 。 。 。 1, choose furniture manufacturer conscience: our factory professional custom make dining room furniture for many years, in our production workshop will not see half of recycle material, even if we meet again low price don't use recycle to the customer to do the sofa. 2, do not use the recycle: we do the first brand of Chinese restaurant furniture factory is located in, we are not only rely on strength, more important is the quality to win, so our factory very pay attention to product quality, fine furniture from don't have to lower the material, we either don't do, is determined to do well. 3, do not use the recycle reason two: our factory of furniture products are all out to provide 2 years warranty, and lifetime maintenance, if we use recycle isn't conflict with our commitment to customer want to? We have done so many years of furniture almost no one customer said our quality has a problem, on the contrary we customers turn to introduce rate reached more than 80% a year, as long as the customers come to our factory visited almost no not clinch a deal, I believe that every customer's eyes are discerning. Our furniture warmly welcome new and old customers to visit factory.
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