Restaurant location and turnover survey!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-03
Restaurant location and turnover survey! Self-recommendation order - dining room furniture Looking for furniture factory is open restaurant doesn't have to choose special heart position choice, also don't have to choose to densely populated areas, select position also look at what you do now to select, considering its own industry. Is the so-called & other; 7 minutes of site selection, three management & throughout; Almost all confirm, all the trades, milk tea business is no exception. Address selection is a long-term investment; Restaurant whether lease or buy, once they are identified, it requires a lot of money. When the external environment changes, the restaurant's address can't like a person, money, material and other operating elements can make a corresponding adjustment, it has a long-term, regular features. Therefore, the choice of restaurant address to do an in-depth investigation and careful consideration, proper planning. Address choice is the choice of market positioning, in a process of absolute, but there are a lot of in common, when you are in the choice, should pay attention to the following principles: the high frequency areas in downtown, business activities, business activity is very frequent, the restaurant is located in the region, restaurant turnover is high. Such sites is the so-called & other; Gold port & throughout; 。 On the contrary, if in the downtown, and in some little-used streets, inaccessible, it is hard to increase sales. Modern society & other; Wine is also afraid of deep alley & throughout; 。 Second, high population density of the local residents live, population is concentrated place is the place that is suitable to open a restaurant, such as residential areas, and near the station, schools, etc. If restaurant is located in a place like this, is committed to meet the needs of the people, will have to do business. Also, since such a place, the customer's demand is stable, suddenly flash sales won't fall, can ensure a steady income for the restaurant. Three, convenient transportation is an important factor of customer decided to purchase behavior, therefore, when choosing address generally can choose more passengers on or off in the station, or near the main station. In the customer within no more than 20 minutes walk street restaurant is ideal. Four, make sure you have enough traffic restaurants are usually located in street, but different streets have different traffic. When selecting sites is one of the most important principle is to ensure that the restaurant for streets have enough traffic. Because the restaurant in traffic on the streets of big, affected by the traffic and traffic speed, the largest restaurant is convenient. The restaurant's location is always be concern investors, because the relationship to the restaurant business is good or bad in the future, so be very careful in the choice.
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