Restaurant booth sofa structure analysis

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-05
Want to fully understand a product, the detail place to begin, understanding every part of the product. Today to bring you the restaurant booth structure parsing sofa, hope to be able to improve your understanding of the restaurant booth. Material, technology, price and other software sofa, restaurant booth according to the material composition in general can be broken up into frame, sponge, fabrics. Sofa material used in the production process and manufacturing process determines the final price of the restaurant booth ( Material quality decided the restaurant booth of the cost of materials, process determines the artificial cost and manufacturing cost of the sofa) 。 Restaurant booth material is fabric in the first place. Restaurant booth of fabrics can be cloth art, paper art, also can be divided into domestic and imported. Professional restaurant booth manufacturer has a high requirement to restaurant booth fabrics. For example when choosing fabric manufacturer from environmental protection close skin of the sofa fabrics, feel is gentle, tenacity, off color, color fastness, textile, skew, a dozen dimensions inspection sofa fabrics such as fabric raw material quality of quality. In addition, the sofa factory will also consider the special requirements of customers, purchasing some function such as antistatic, flame retardant fabric. For customers to choose from. Second, the sponge. Restaurant booth using sponge is divided into primary and cellulose sponge sponge, and according to the density of sponge and flexibility can also be divided into high density sponge, medium density sponge, three kinds of low density sponge. In a restaurant booth of the production process, insist to use native sponge, the underlying use high rebound sponge, surface and then use a layer of medium density sponge. Not only ensure the booth sofa is comfortable to sit sense, and avoid the sofa sat a pit, able to rebound quickly. At last, the sofa frame. Restaurant booth according to the framework material has solid wood, solid wood, Man-made board + solid wood frame) The points. Compared to real wood, everyone knows that the quality of the different material of real wood restaurant booth, the price is likely to. However, for man-made board everybody know is relatively small. Except that man-made board is density board, high density fiberboard, such as classification, the other is poorly understood. It is also is to have the quality difference between the same kind of man-made board. And not all of the man-made board represents not environmental protection. Furniture factory use man-made board all belong to the E0 grade environmental protection board, and excellent performance, both to avoid the physical properties of natural wood, and retain the advantages of the wood. Restaurant booth of process restaurant booth of process not only determines the use function of sofa and beautiful sex, also to a large extent determines the price of the sofa. This has to be said, big manufacturers an edge. Across the introduction of Europe and the United States and other countries, for example, high-tech equipment, their production capacity improved significantly, eventually greatly reduces the total cost of the factory production and improve the processing quality of the product. So large manufacturers are more prone to make affordable product restaurant booth phenomenon!
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