Restaurant booth sofa put method

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-28
Modern business restaurant is more and more attention to the experience, many restaurants have changed his chair for the booth sofa. Booth is not only more comfortable sofa, and space utilization and decoration effect is very good also. Small make up today to prepare for booth sofa you share restaurant booth sofa put method. The sofa a cycle 1, booth, decided to put the method to determine the restaurant booth modelling of sofa put method must first determine the booth before the purchase quantity of sofa, design, restaurant commonly used booth have single sofa booth, please make a double booth, booth and corner booth, arc booth. Restaurant should be according to the design of dining-room space structure and the booth sofa number to determine the booth of sofa put method. 2, the booth sofa against the wall location which is restaurant one of the most common method. Both in the restaurant around the perimeter of the booth sofa against the wall position, and use the eat chair in the table of the sitting position, it can realize the most effective use of restaurant space. Of course, this only for single booth sofa. If it is double booth, booth only sitting. And arc, semicircle and corner booth sofa, tend to put the card in the restaurant 'enclosure, for restaurant customers to create a relatively independent illicit close space. 3, booth sofa put the position should rely on careful observation will find, the location of a restaurant booth sofa or rely on a wall, or a diaphragm. Put this method not only can take care of the restaurant more psychological needs, give a person with a sense of security. Also because if these positions in a chair, dining chair and the wall like to leave a space between, and put the booth sofa is not required, these positions' seats sofa to the space to achieve more effective use of the restaurant. Should not have beam over 4, booth sofa this is geomantic learn in another way, but actually has scientific basis. In general, is not only a restaurant booth, even eat chair is put. Above, if a beam will bring people a depressive feeling, is not conducive to the restaurant dining experience.
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