Restaurant booth sofa production process

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-19
Booth sofa in the restaurant business, and even the family restaurant use are very common, many buyers! Know restaurant booth sofa production process will help you to choose the better products. Today is to analysis booth sofa production the five steps for you! 1, material and ingredients for making booth material ingredients are the sofa frame preparation. Booth of the sofa frame material are basically board, the board can use real wood, also can use medium density fiberboard (MDF). Cutting and ingredients is to replenish onr's stock of wood saw as the shape of the production of spare parts needed for the booth sofa, convenient for later assembly and stitching. Be worth what carry is, if the holder of the sofa frame is real wood is qualitative, so its framework, armrest, decoration parts, such as surface process is generally more complex, there are some need to use the special craft processing such as bent wood. 2, assembly and stitching this step is the first step to be prepared for the good plank and parts box, the seal on the bottom. , of course, joining together into the frame and frame plate should be carefully check in advance, determine size not too big error, stable structure. After assembled, booth sofa sofa framework surface finishing processing, remove burrs and sharp corners, avoid. 3, configuration, sponge besides booth sofa of completely real wood, other booth sofa is soft package design, so need to use a sponge. Booth for sponge sofa, its size has a strict requirements, must be strictly according to the order material for marking, cutting. And some shapes is responsible for, needs to suit cut sponge also need to attach a template to construction. 4, paste the framework of this step is to put the sofa part on the booth sofa framework with soft package, process generally divided into: nail elastic & ndash; — Nail gauze & ndash; — Adhesive thin or thick sponge. The process for subsequent booth sofa comfort and durability have greater impact. So it is a process of elastic, quantity, specifications, cross order tension values have corresponding requirements. 5, coat cut and ammonites skin, as the name implies, booth at the end of the sofa production system of a cutting process is well receive the fabric sofa ( Cloth or leather) , and then system ( Generally has the branch of inner sleeve and coat) And finally mount accessories, nail the base cloth, pack good sofa feet. Booth sofa will be finished production.
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