Restaurant booth sofa | maintenance and maintenance knowledge!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-25
Restaurant booth sofa | maintenance and maintenance knowledge! Abstract: the restaurant booth sofa | maintenance and maintenance knowledge. Sofa is almost every restaurant must want to use a furniture, one of them is synonymous with dining room furniture, sofa its beauty and comfort, and that is why will have to take more and more people favour, sofa factory specializing in the production of sofa 15 years, according to the experience to the customer about the daily maintenance and maintenance of sofa to share our knowledge, hope to help each customer: booth sofa maintenance: 1: sofa placed on flat ground, the corners of the bottom cushion cushions, best moves to prevent damage to the floor. 2: before use, first with a clean soft cloth wipe the dust and dirt on the surface of the sofa, if the cow leather, Leather) Make, must be in use with care agent to wipe gently before sofa surface one to two times ( Don't use waxy care) So in cow leather, Leather) The dirt from the surface to form a layer of protective film, make in the future is not easy to penetrate pores, easy to clean in the future. 3: sofa put distance should be 2 - metope 3 cm, prevent the sofa and metope extrusion, friction, damage. 4: should avoid beating on the sofa table, in order to avoid local compression deformation, affect the use. 5: should avoid with acute Angle or tool appliance contact surface, prevent scratch fabrics. 6: please control your pet to prevent pet catch a bite caused damage to the sofa. 7: avoid corrosive chemical fluid stains or inferior detergent contact surface, thus making leather fade, aging, cracking and other damage. 8: please don't sit in the back of a chair of sofa or arm. Strong extrusion might damage the frame. 9: move please don't hold the sofa cushion, soft soft armrest, back of a chair, vigor will break the stitching, or because of the push-pull sofa scratch your floor. Should be sofa base, flat carry light put, beware of collisions. Above is about restaurant booth the daily need to pay attention to and maintain knowledge of sofa, hope to help with product of customer, if there is any doubt can contact us at any time; ( WeChat with Numbers) Recommend the eat desk and chair customized website: http:// recommend booth sofa customized website: http://www. canyinjj。 com
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