Restaurant booth sofa made _ site how to measure size!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-26
Abstract: restaurant booth build a bit to find a professional sofa manufacturer, can do foolproof, today we share with you the order when sofa how in field measurement size: 1, how to measure the actual sofa size: the size of the first sofa must be combined with the actual space, the restaurant started to decorate is unable to measure the most accurate size, dining-room decorate to put sofa such as to the location of the finished surface to measure, so as to guarantee absolutely safe. Booth, half sofa how to measure size: 2 semicircle sofa decorate most restaurant scene side will play semicircle model, and then by a than a loft furniture factory site, dining-room decorate also have to wait to put the sofa position to lofting surface. 3, the position of pillars measurement size: a lot of restaurants have greatly small pillars, some restaurants when decorate good use layout column packing up, but still some restaurants have pillars have to put sofa, the sofa in order to do the gap to meet the requirements of aesthetics, normally we furniture factory in measuring the position of pillars will very accurate, could be affected by any carelessness led to the incorrect, the whole row size dining room decorate also have to wait to put the sofa position to lofting surface.
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