Restaurant booth sofa customization knowledge

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-15
Booth sofa design concept from the west, since introduced to China, is the cost of the state and customized booth sofa sofa. Today's coffee market is basically all custom sofa to give priority to. Today is to introduce you to a restaurant booth sofa customization knowledge. 1, booth sofa modelling custom all kinds of styles of them are roughly similar in shape, this so-called 'seats sofa modelling part refers to the details of the booth sofa design, custom size, color customization and inside and outside the raw material to customize. Booth sofa with modelling is simple, practical, and is famous for its beautiful appearance generous, L the modelling of make people sit up and more spacious and comfortable. And give a person a kind of sedate feeling, can improve the whole decorate class restaurant. 2 details some booth, booth sofa sofa will increase some fine skirt around, give a person with mild flavor. And booth sofa because itself modelling is simple, so the general surface and add some decoration on the back of a chair, or it will chair crude sense to the person. Common decoration method is in the booth on the back of a chair of sofa and cushion to add some buckles adornment, or it is concave and convex, article, or is the multicolour decoration, design methods of decoration. These are the details of booth sofa common processing method. 3, booth sofa manufacturing customized booth sofa not only depends on the design and raw material, the final result depends on the processing technology. So when selecting a booth sofa manufacturer should pay special attention to, the production capacity of booth manufacturer and processing level. Look at the booth sofa factory workshop area size, whether processing equipment advanced, the factory how many workers. In addition to these, still had better to consult them before sofa factory customer service, consulting the truth. Restaurant that is customized booth need to need to master the knowledge and skills of the sofa!
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