Restaurant booth custom sofa manufacturers

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-27
Is a professional furniture factory, restaurant furniture brand, manufacturer provides straightly, according to the national commercial restaurants, catering businesses catering furniture customization services. Restaurant booth custom sofa factory, look for the dongguan furniture customization factories! Small make up today to bring us a retro booth eat desk and chair sofa combination product, it is suitable for restaurant, bar, bar, coffee shop, milk tea shops, Internet cafes catering area use. Here we take a look at the characteristics of the creative personality industrial wind booth sofa! Features a retro booth sofa leather fabrics, feel soft and comfortable; The lacquer that bake process, prevent oxidation durable; Rectangular, wrought iron frame, firm structure bearing capacity is strong. Design highlights booth sofa selected natural pine material, durable, with pure and fresh and natural charm of log to ease restrictions brought by the founder modelling. And cushion design with leather qualitative material, texture is soft and do not break toughness, also have good waterproof properties, can be quickly absorbed by the release of water, keep dry and real time. Plus after using the delicate process of the lacquer that bake, wrought iron framework, stable performance and level off is smooth, solid material is exquisite and edges. Brand story is furniture factory, a collection of r &d, production, sales in the integration of catering custom furniture brand, focusing on fashion restaurant furniture products, with creative design and excellent quality of products by the vast number of consumers love and support. Since the brand since its inception, has been adhering to the creative space of the brand concept, with superb technology, excellent raw materials and strict production management, strive to bring people to the experience of creative personality.
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