Restaurant booth cloth art sofa custom way!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-28
Cloth art sofa booth give a person a kind of simple, sweet, recreational feeling, which is under the fast-paced life of people most in need. It is based on the demand, many restaurants are now choose cloth art sofa booth as the visitors. Small make up today to introduce you to the restaurant cloth art sofa booth custom way! 1, choose to wash cloth art sofa booth production various types of fabric cloth art sofa booth, the characteristics of each kind of fabric each are not identical, some of which can be washed, while others can only dry cleaning. Late to booth sofa maintenance costs, it is recommended that the restaurant choice to unpick and wash the design, and able to wash cloth art sofa booth. In addition to remind, each booth sofa cloth has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the choice of cloth art sofa booth when advised to choose a booth of blended fabric sofa. 2, choose solid wooden booth cloth art sofa cloth art sofa booth include there are many kinds of material, only the wooden shelves are divided into many kinds of material. Recommend to choose cloth art sofa booth when choosing real wood. The wooden frame made a are hard miscellaneous wood, and wood through fumigation, anticorrosive, dehydration processing. The solid wooden booth sofa is not only good bearing, and the wood properties of stability, late for a long time with no deformation. Special remind: there are a lot of manufacturers produce of cloth art sofa booth, it claims the real wood shelves panel parts is the use of man-made board, actually such holder made of quality is better than pure solid wood sofa booth products. 3, choose the native sponge booth sofa & other; It's best to high rebound sponge sponge & throughout; , this is a lot of people misunderstanding for booth sofa sponge. In fact, cloth art sofa booth production process not only need to use to high rebound sponge, still have to use medium density sponge. And high rebound sponge and other kinds of sponge and no quality difference, the difference is only physical properties. In the process of making sofa booth, they tend to have their use. And in the process of choose and buy of cloth art sofa booth, guests only need to make sure that booth sofa using sponge is native or cellulose sponge sponge. Is a new sponge, or recycle sponge.
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