Restaurant booth attention the daily maintenance of sofa!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-07
Restaurant booth sofa most pay attention to daily maintenance, it is not just in order to prolong the service life of sofa, make sofa maintain bright, but also to the dining room clean. A restaurant must be kept spotlessly clean, give a person a kind of clean feeling, customers will eat into the store. The largest restaurant booth is in contact with the human body, the use frequency of the most frequent furniture products. It maintenance and clean natural is the key of the restaurant daily cleaning and maintenance. Restaurant booth of dustproof, generally only need cleaning personnel to use detergent foam sofa regularly clean can. But if there are any booth sofa cotton fabrics, you will need to hire someone to dry cleaning, otherwise it will shrink deformation. Booth sofa avoid exposure if it is paper art food booth, ultraviolet ray direct can make sofa color, even will make sofa surface paper art appear crack, peeling phenomenon. If is cloth art sofa booth, ultraviolet ray direct loses elasticity, make the fabric become fragile, faded. Use the ball to do cloth art sofa booth sofa after a long time will appear pilling phenomenon. When the sofa fabric pilling, can use the electric to deal with the lint remover. And when in use at ordinary times often need to pay attention to the change of the sofa cushion, avoid some guests like to sit in the position of the cushion is used too much. Can rotate change every day, so we can balance restaurant booth the service life of sofa booth the daily maintenance of sofa is important, not only to ensure the service life of sofa is, reduce loss as far as possible, to reduce the operating costs of the restaurant. To keep the style of sofa, which help for restaurants to attract more customers.
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