Restaurant armrest sofa | process of the production process should be used when you inspection!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-25
Restaurant armrest sofa | process of the production process should be used when you inspection! Abstract: the restaurant armrest sofa | craft process inspection when you want to use! Restaurant armrest sofa manufacture craft maybe we usually don't care. But, when you place an order later, we have to know when factory inspection restaurant armrest sofa production process, because you're testing process structure is reasonable? The internal frame is strong? The sofa can let us have a more in-depth understanding. To introduce the following sofa manufacture craft, take you into a world of sofa. According to the sofa modelling, the sofa is mainly divided into two major categories, simple and modern. Contracted style sofa usually USES some traditional modeling elements, using traditional process structures, so the structure is more complex. This kind of sofa armrest part will generally take a little decoration processing technology such as shape, its production process is long, high technical requirements. Modern modelling restaurant armrest sofa production process is simple, widely used in the modern new technology of material, its production process route is short, easy to mass production. Framework, filling material, fabric sofa is mainly composed of three parts. A framework of the sofa and basic model of body structure. Frame materials are mainly wood, steel, plywood, medium density fiberboard (MDF) and so on, at present is given priority to with medium density fiberboard (MDF). Framework is mainly to meet the requirements of shape and strength requirements. B fabric depends on the grade of sofa, texture, colour and lustre is full of beautiful things in the fabric variety, with the progress of science and technology, fabric varieties also will be more and more rich. C filling material of sofa comfort plays a decisive role. The traditional filling material is palm, spring, now commonly used is all sorts of function of foamed plastics, sponge, synthetic materials and so on. Filling material should have good elasticity, fatigue resistance, long life. Sofa stuffing materials from different parts of the bearing, comfort requirements are different. The performance of the filling material, the price difference is great. Traditional restaurant armrest sofa general structure ( From bottom to top) : framework & ndash; — Wood & ndash; — Spring & ndash; — The bottom gauze & ndash; — Mat & ndash; — Sponge & ndash; — Inside the bag & ndash; — Coat. Modern restaurant armrest sofa general structure ( From bottom to top) : framework & ndash; — Elastic & ndash; — The bottom gauze & ndash; — Sponge & ndash; — Inside the bag & ndash; — Coat. Visible, the modern restaurant than traditional sofa armrest sofa production craft omitted fixed spring, spread mat process time-consuming work. The technological process in producing sofa sofa production features a variety of materials used, large difference of material, making framework with lumber, steel products, man-made board, paint, decoration, etc. ; Filled with sponge, foam plastic, elastic, non-woven fabrics, springs, mat, etc. ; Making coat with cloth, leather, composite material, etc. Processing large span, from the carpentry work, the painter's work, sewing worker to send the ammonites work industry. Based on the principle of professional division of labor, improve work efficiency, sofa processing can be divided into five stages: frame section, the main production sofa framework; Exteriors section, the main production sofa exposed components; Lining section, make all kinds of sponge filling; Coat section, tailoring sewing coat; Assembly ( Ammonites skin) Section, will each before each section of the semi-finished products, with accessories, assembled into a complete sofa products. Different restaurant armrest sofa factory its technological process is also different, division of small business process line is coarser, the process of division of labor in large and medium-sized enterprises more meticulous, specialized division of labor to improve work efficiency and ensure product quality stability. No matter what, as long as you have sofa need to customize it is necessary to understand, because understand is better than not to understand! If you want to learn more about the sofa production arrangements can feel free to contact our people. 。 。 。 。 Recommend a restaurant furniture build website: http:// recommend dining furniture customization website: http://www. canyinjj。 com
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