Real wood chair order for milk tea cafe bakery chair!

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-30
Real wood chair order for milk tea cafe bakery chair! Want to open a coffee shop need to inject a lot of personality character design, but also spend a lot of bother to layout, site selection from the restaurant to decorate in the soft outfit of choose and buy is take time to explore research, today we have to say this kind of personality the raw materials, structure of the cafe chairs. 。 。 。 。 。 Above is our restaurant furniture factory independent research and development a new product of the chair, the chair of the raw materials used is the import ash wooden frame, the whole chair required wood about 0. 08 square timber, chair frame beat wood tenon structure into the tenon USES is the overseas import AB glue, glue bonding strength is 10 times more than domestic glue, so in the design process in order to achieve the result of delicate wood square all dare not to use too coarse. Chair is 18 mm thick plate bending, the two sides stick mountain ash grain wood veneer, considering that the price is too high to cause market turmoil, so back board made from this material, of course, also can choose real wood to do cost will be higher accordingly. Cushion is 20 mm thick plywood high rebound sponge, leather is artificial imitation leather ( A lot of leather color optional) Fastness, scraping waterproof and other normal life in eight years! The whole chair design is based on the perspective of human body engineering to set up chairs and slope, the size height, etc. , if it is abroad used words will make adjustments according to the local people's habits, these chairs have been listed, if there is a love of friends may at any time to plant experience see template! Our factory has independent large exhibition hall, there are more tables and chairs, booth dining furniture such as sofa for your reference!
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