Paper art sofa booth, identify the natural leather and artificial leather

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-22
In sofa on the market, the real ones, hear the case. Take the paper art sofa booth, for example, how to use fake leather as leather sold to customers. Small make up paper art booth sofa of choose and buy, to you today, how to identify natural leather and synthetic leather! 1, through visual identification through judging visual leather decorative pattern and pore, in order to distinguish the natural leather and synthetic leather. Natural leather surface can see uneven distribution of pores, and has a unique pattern of the skin. Watch can see animal fibers from the opposite side, the side of the level of clear, if use the nail to scratch, the fiber of leather will prick up, have a sense of fleece, and a small amount of fiber will fall off. Reverse the leather is different, can see the fabric, side no animal fiber. Some artificial leather without pores, some will copy the artificial pores, the pores of artificial leather and decorative pattern is not obvious, however, is not natural, will be dull. 2, through the feel is to distinguish between natural leather, full of elasticity and tactility moderate, if the leather bending down, leather can appear fold, bend and if the different position of leather, then the crease will be uneven. Leather is different, it is bulk suppression and become, after artificial leather bending will find that its resilience is very poor, bend down crease are very similar. 3, through smell to distinguish natural leather is actually to animal leather for the production of fabric material, so will have a very heavy fur ( The flavor of the fiber) , even after treatment, the taste is also unable to completely eliminate. While artificial leather with a heavy plastic taste. 4, to identify the natural leather by burning burns will have a burning hair smell ( Because the main material is protein) , while man-made leather burn up there will be a focus of plastic smell. Out the smell, the ash after burning also differ. Natural leather after burning will form the powdery fragile, and man-made leather stick into a hard ball after burning. Through the above four methods, we can discern the paper art booth sofa leather of true and false!
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