Paper art sofa booth broken skin how to remedy?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-30
Paper art sofa booth fashion, the atmosphere, put in the restaurant can improve the grade. A restaurant furniture also is the most widely used. Paper art sofa booth although there are many benefits, but the use of a period of time after the surface of leather are easily damaged, today teach you paper art sofa booth remedies after the broken skin. Below we booth first sofa leather damage is divided into many things, and then respectively introduce the corresponding remedy for you! 1, booth sofa leather cut, craze, but it didn't peel if booth sofa leather damage is not serious, so it is convenient to remedy, restaurant after buy neat tools themselves. Need to spin with the same color as the leather sofa, also need to use the same color patch leather professional painting. First put the damaged parts with stitches from leather stitching on the back, and then use the spray paint color. After this patch of them divided not carefully check you couldn't see differences with the original. 2, booth sofa hole, or peel small area above a way for that kind of leather is broken, and only but not broken, so there's no need to fill the leather paper art sofa booth remedial work will be finished. But if the booth of the sofa leather hole or peel? It needs to add new leather for booth sofa to complete repair. Typically cut out a piece of leather, slightly bigger than a break and then use glue. But the specific process is more troublesome, because the new patch leather aging degree and sofa whole color is different, and have obvious concave and convex. So before repair, and then need to grind leather sofa booth, so as to repair. 3, booth large sofa leather? A lot of material leather will appear this phenomenon, even the inevitable phenomenon. Paper art sofa booth after using a long time will start to peel, small range and it can be mended, even take some remedial work. But if large peel? Booth at this time of the basic condition and the main structure of sofa just skin is broken, all new it's too bad. This time suggest restaurant booth find custom manufacturers to provide a new sofa leather was carried out on the sofa booth in leather.
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