Paper art restaurant booth of leather how to maintain?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-09
With the improvement of living standards, food and beverage industry rise gradually, and get rapid development. But for the restaurant now, restaurant booth of capital investment is larger, must maintain when will greatly prolong the service life of restaurant booth, reduce operating costs. Want to tell you about today is paper art restaurant booth of leather maintenance skills! Make your restaurant booth bright as before, a long time with not bad. 1, there are a lot of people like to use gasoline to clean up dirt, is said to be effective. But gasoline, rosin water, xylene and other chemical solvent is easy to corrosion of leather, leather fade. So when a restaurant booth on stained with difficult to remove the dirt, don't use the solvent to wipe. 2, restaurant booth need to often use soft cloth with special leather washing liquid to wipe, final reoccupy clear water is wiped clean. And needs regular maintenance of essential oils for maintenance. 3, when the paper art restaurant booth is maintenance of essential oils after several times of maintenance, it is easy to appear the oil pollution, need to use special washing liquid cleaning at this time, and then clean with clean warm water. Every time before spray to maintain essential oils are such operation, otherwise it will be leather will appear on the oil. 4, paper art restaurant booth after long time use is easy to scratch, their treatment is not recommended at this time, Nick is not severe cases can repair professional institutions, if it is serious scratches, suggest to contact manufacturer to replace the holster.
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