Order restaurant tables and chairs can't ignore the details

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-09-04
After eat desk and chair into the era of custom, restaurant customers can put forward their own requirements, customized personalized restaurant tables and chairs. But during also appeared a lot of problems, because of the lack of basic knowledge of the eat desk and chair, a lot of customer demands often are & other; Attend & throughout; And finally make a lot of & other; Embarrassing things & throughout; , the custom make dining room needs to be understanding of the fundamentals of what matters? 1, the dining room can design has a lot of customers after the restaurant tables and chairs can be customized tend to ask for a few more whimsical, let factory in distress situation. As a matter of fact, customized restaurant tables and chairs while giving customers a great deal of selective, also to a large extent to meet the personalized needs of consumers to the dining room product. Made but doesn't mean casual, it for the product size, shape, material, selection, technology has strict requirements, after all, the first attribute of the dining room or its use attribute, which is the core of all the design of dining room. And use the eat desk and chair of all restaurants in addition to the use function of the basic space must be effective utilization and saving resources, which greatly limits the restaurant tables and chairs & other; Whimsical & throughout; The design of the type. 2, not all dining room need to be customized order restaurant tables and chairs is mainly aimed at some personalized product demand, there are still some space to use difficult restaurant. And the vast majority of business restaurant on the market, the use of the size of the eat desk and chair, modelling is common. So call to restaurant furniture factory, need not necessarily really customized products, if they eat desk and chair of the existing products to meet the needs of the restaurant, so why wait for a relatively long production period, the eat desk and chair of executing complex order steps? Directly to the manufacturers to buy more convenient and more economical. But remember, if the restaurant does need personalized restaurant tables and chairs, solid loading or eat desk and chair, As against the wall, diaphragm booth sofa products) , you have to choose. 3, customized restaurant tables and chairs to the look of the communicate restaurant tables and chairs are completely determined by product designers and guest himself. After the guest confirm order demand, then there is the designer out of the design drawings for the guest confirmation, this time the guest need to communicate actively with the designer, inform their ideas and requirements for product designers, in order to design products with thoughts of the eat desk and chair. In this process the most avoid is passive.
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