Order food | eat desk and chair and dining-room furniture feng shui can you know?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-07-25
Order food | eat desk and chair and dining-room furniture feng shui can you know? Abstract: customized catering | eat desk and chair and dining-room furniture feng shui can you know? For many restaurant owners of the restaurant and geomantic restaurant means good and bad luck in the future, what kind of restaurant, feng shui is best reflected in all aspects what again? For restaurants when decorate, need to pay attention to the following nine aspects, all of these factors can affect the future fortune after the opening of the hotel and the impact on the mentality of patrons. Today we talk about restaurant feng shui those things: one, the placement of aquarium fish tank in the feng shui is commonly used to town evil spirit, the fish tank in feng shui on behalf of the water, but now many of the hotel, are often placed in the store tank, so should be paid attention to the most basic points: 1, the water in the fish tank is always not more than 1 m 8, because the water level is too high, beyond the height of the people can lead to losing water is beyond the scope of the operator control nature - controllability; 2, in the fish tank with fresh water, but water will flow down from the top layer of the; 3, the fish tank placed should be determined according to feng shui principles of water. 2 is in geomantic go up to go to toilet, toilet water, to water and the importance of the kitchen is consistent, absolutely not abuse, toilet position in fierce square pressure, however, note that the layers of the hotel, not let toilet set lower cash register, office, kitchen, otherwise it will affect the restaurant business. Three, the placement of cooking stoves on behalf of the water, its quality and in customers and retain valuable chef is also key, is usually placed on the principle of oven sit fierce to kyrgyzstan, cooking range should be put in fierce square, and stoves should switch to kyrgyzstan. Four, store signs as a sign of hotel decoration, the design of the store signs is very exquisite, signs of size, color, material, and even, and the owner are the pattern of feng shui, stores and store the surroundings have the inseparable relations, the color of the sign tend to reflect particularly important function. Five, the god of wealth, the god of wealth real role is to establish the owner management beliefs and ideas, decided to host the thinking of decision making, is not the god of wealth itself, the idea should be corrected. Six, in front of the tree are often met with trees in front of the restaurant, the door has a tree or bad according to specific situation. Seven, leakage goods door some hotel has two levels, and there are many restaurants, double layer or multilayer staircase tend to the door, this is typical of chancellor leakage, the solution has two kinds: 1, as the doors and the screen is placed between the stairs, screen material, color and pattern on the screen will be according to the owner's birthday and of the front of the door. Most people put guest-greeting pine, should note that pine towards the store, not outward, become loose, otherwise more adverse instead. 2, put the duke guan like a town house, the duke guan like belong to the god of wealth, so be sure to face the door place, this can inhibit the ShaQi rushed outside g on one hand, on the other hand can hold on to their type of outer diarrhea. Eight, mensal chair should not be the way straight at 1, mensal chair is a place where a restaurant for dinner, must be quiet, can only be quiet to eat three meals a day, if there are any way straight up, is not only detrimental to feng shui, more make the restaurant guests have no appetite for food, and if the restaurant multi-channel, is like place oneself in the vortex, the whole body, 2, dining-room decorate should also try to improve as soon as possible in order to get good economic benefit, but also to grasp the good store of wealth, in general, can be designed according to feng shui to identify goods, often referred to in the position of the money should be in diagonal corner, money should not be too dark, the money can be placed on a evergreen plants, but avoid places the barbed plants such as celestial being. Second, the store items and the location of the partition, table shape, size, texture, lamp act the role ofing use have exquisite. These space, color, material configuration forms an unconscious language, to make our feeling think 3, furniture, food and beverage stores is geomantic in order to solve the normal way of thinking and thinking habits of people, business model cannot find and solve problems, just consider popularity is not enough, must also consider and find possible problem in the process of operation, destroy it in the bud! Therefore, feng shui is itself a scientific solution for risk, and cannot replace by other way! ! ! ! Nine, opened restaurant opening date chosen 1 hour, not want to open and then open, don't think it is opening decorate good all in place. To consult a feng shui masters, in the early stage of the selected hour, day, opened stores open like a person's birth horoscope, he represents the lifeblood of a restaurant. 2, selected for the opening day after confirm when is somewhat even, summon all the relatives and friends gathered together here, on behalf of the people, enrage flourishing wealth!
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