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Nanhua university canteen

Customer : Nanhua university canteen

Cooperation mode: Hotel designated furniture cooperation supplier

Customer scale: university canteen

Customer profile:

Nanhua University is a comprehensive university built by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national defense science and Technology Industry Bureau, the China National Nuclear Corporation, China Nuclear Industry Construction Group Corporation and the people's Government of Hunan province. The school is merged with the Hengyang Medical College of central and South China Institute of technology and the Sixth Research Institute of nuclear industry. It is the support and construction of the basic capacity construction project of the National Central and Western Colleges and universities. It is an excellent engineer, an excellent doctor education training plan unit approved by the Ministry of education and a batch of undergraduate college. The school is located in Hengyang, Hunan province. There are two campuses of Hongxiang and Yumu.


The dining area is large ,regarding holiday passenger flow, to provide a good dining experience for the new and old customers.

Learning that Uptop furniture Ceramics is a process of scientific research,development , Specialized Production and marketing,meanwhile,a professional Supplier who offers furniture for university canteen.with the principle of quality first always,The production process has become transparent , light and cost-effective ,this is why Nanhua university choose Uptop.

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