Made of paper holder sofa, can sit?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-29
Booth is the framework of the load bearing part of sofa, sofa usually adopts hard miscellaneous wood real wood + quality man-made board production. This material can make the booth of sofa bearing, solid and strong. Now if someone tells you that paper do booth include sofa, what do you think? Small make up for the first inner thoughts is: crazy! But this is the true thing! Small make up to doubt it, such as the booth to sit the sofa? Answer: can! ! ! ! Small make up to know, this kind of paper do booth sofa also can sit, and heard that the quality is good. The original & other; Throughout the paper &; Is not normal. “ Paper holder sofa & throughout; With the so-called & other; Throughout the paper &; In fact all called & other; High strength corrugated composite board & throughout; , this sheet and we used to use notebook shell paper is very similar. This just stare blankly paper composite board production process is different, it adopts the honeycomb paper plate core structure arrangement, changed the traditional corrugated board arrangement structure, excellent resistance to pressure, buffer, bearing performance, thus can be used to make them sofa sits the base frame, shelves and shelves of handrail, according to the market, the survey found the cardboard holder sofa quality not only don't lose the wooden plank booth sofa, and word of mouth is good, have a lot of wooden shelves booth sofa that the high quality performance. 1, made of cardboard instead of wooden booth include sofa, the sofa booth lighter weight and overall weight is only about 50% of the originally, can save a lot of transportation cost for the customer. And when to use at ordinary times move more convenient also. 2, for manufacturers, wooden sofa booth include need fumigation processing before use, and use cardboard instead of wooden board, the process will be much simpler, and can recycle cardboard holder sofa. But paper include booth sofa is not without its own drawbacks, for example, does not include all parts can be replaced, the only alternative to include plate parts. And paper holder sofa to use environmental requirements higher, at ordinary times should be ventilated, dry work. Because compared with wooden shelves booth sofa, it is more afraid of fear of wet.
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