Leisure restaurant tables and chairs

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-11
Different restaurant need to decorate, take now a very popular fashion restaurant! Leisure restaurant use the eat desk and chair and fashion, the use of tables and chairs and other restaurant sofa is not the same. This because it needs to create a recreational style in the restaurant. Today the wind to bring us a Nordic design of pure real wood leisure restaurant tables and chairs. It is characteristic of natural and pure and fresh, contracted beauty, give a person a kind of relaxed feeling. So this dining room product just listed have been the restaurant business, especially the leisure restaurant. Below small make up to introduce the characteristics of the leisure restaurant tables and chairs! There is demand guest website calls welcome advice. Need more style dining room furniture, add WeChat ( Website phone number with) For product pictures and price list. Material to parse the leisure restaurant furniture of completely real wood is made of whole white oak, high mechanical strength, density high hardness, durable, varnish. The whole dining room chairs and tables do not contain any man-made board, don't stick a skin, all parts are pure real wood. And the white oak is according to the classification of NHLA rules, chosen to provide a long net to delimit the wood, decorative pattern beauty less defect, used to make high-grade furniture. Design highlights the completely real wood leisure restaurant tables and chairs with smooth moist single design, show a graceful curve. The whole dining room chairs and tables made of completely real wood won't cut corners, hierarchical storage drawer, reserved pot thoroughly solve traditional pulley grooves with injury worries. Solid wood cabinet feet, solid wood under pressure, strong grip, at the bottom of the polished, smooth level off, the whole table of white oak material has been adopted, such as the back, the drawer sturdy, rest assured.
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