Large booths sofa download 3 d models _ baidu cloud free download

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-23
Provide booth about furniture sofa 3 d model to download some simple explanation: 1, the model for baidu cloud free download file downloads, no download tools, don't need to download any conditions, click on the download prompt can direct download! 2, download files for the compressed file, after decompression, need professional production softwares 3 dmax software open ( The file format for Max) 3, provide booth sofa model covers all the booth type sofa: common combination booth sofa tables and chairs, European paper art booth booth sofa sofa, arc, as well as ordinary booth sofa. Arc booth 3 d model download booth sofa sofa tables and chairs combined 3 d model download download European paper art sofa booth 3 d model
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