KTV sofa booth

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-10
Today bring you is a KTV booth sofa products, all show rooms luxury european-style design. And unique color design makes the KTV gets stuck in the luxury of a more elegant. KTV sofa booth, choose furniture factory, professional brand catering & ndash; — ! Design highlights the KTV sofa design full atmosphere, deep clasp process appearance looks elegant atmosphere, make the whole sofa sofa to European pull clasp round handrail design, simple sense is comfortable. Booth the back of a chair of sofa USES more 10 centimeters high density sponge filling, with que three rows deep clasp ornament, fine workmanship, fine lines, neat and firm, not easy to loose, more wearable and durable. Ktv booth of fabrics with thickening of oil wax skin, tighten the wear-resisting, easy to clean, very suitable for rooms and Ktv sofa, Jane elegant and practical. Brand story is custom furniture factory's dining furniture brand, the factory based on the huanghe river region in guangdong dongguan. All goods process completed by more than 5 years return pure handmade, firmly ensure that wood, cloth, leather and other fine quality. According to customer requirements, according to the actual situation of each customer to tailor our own furniture and personal preference. To accept a given customers drawings or pictures to make your heart ideal of furniture.
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