Judging from what aspects the quality of the booth sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-14
Whether western food shop, coffee shop, or other food, cannot leave the sofa booth. Booth sofa it fashion generous shape, make whole dining room space looks more clean and tidy, also won't appear mixed and disorderly arranged many seats. And gets stuck with comfortable sofa, can improve the restaurant's consumption experience. Booth sofa has so many benefits, it is no wonder that many new restaurants and restaurant remodeling will choose to use them when the sofa. But booth purchase expensive sofa, if buy poor quality products is in trouble. Today to introduce the booth quality judgment method of the sofa. 1, the touch gets stuck on the surface of the sofa and back against a try. Hand touch more acute, try booth will contact with the skin to stimulate the skin. If so, then show booth sofa USES paper art or fabric close skin is bad, fabric soft enough. 2, to see if all the parts of the booth sofa fabric color even, have off color phenomenon. Take a closer look at pick up parts go stitches is close, suture whether level off, is there any thread ends. In addition, smell the smell of sofa, especially paper art booth, whether there is a serious irritant smell. 3, with his fists to press the booth, armrest and back of a chair cushion of the sofa. If you can feel the sofa is worn, it means that booth sofa filled padding density is too low and too thin, or internally, sofa sponge filling quality has a problem, lead to flexibility and comfort is poor. 4, look at the booth of the sofa quality inspection report, also can ask the shop assistant, what material the sofa is made. Now a lot of booth is the wood frame sofa collocation is man-made board is made and be become. But when selling usually hit the slogan of real wood frame, it must ask. 5, look at the booth the soundness of sofa. Lift one side of the sofa, let sofa three feet off the ground, only a foot touchdown, deformation, see if sofa or creaking noises. If the shape of the sofa has no change, no noise, so that the structure is stable. 6, take a look at the details of sofa, such as the zipper quality pillow, touch the inside of the filler, if is cloth art sofa booth, vigorously against surface sofa, see if there are fine particles pop up. And gets stuck at the bottom of the sofa at the end of the sofa feet soundness and antiskid, wear resistance, and other issues. Booth sofa of choose and buy, from the above six aspects can basically determine the merits of the quality of this booth!
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