Installation method and points of conjoined fast-food restaurants tables and chairs

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-22
Fast-paced way of life for a lot of people are not spending more time on cooking and enjoy food, which prompted the rapid development of IC industry. You are interested in fast food restaurants business? Open the fast food restaurants, they need to choose good restaurant tables and chairs. Many fast food restaurants owners, chose the conjoined fast-food restaurants tables and chairs. This is because the fast food restaurants and restaurant, it is more low price, more the number of meals at the same time. So fast food restaurants the use efficiency of tables and chairs and desks and chairs in the fast-food restaurants seat number on many length determines the profitability of the fast food restaurants. And the advantage of the conjoined fast-food restaurants tables and chairs is space utilization rate is higher, and pay more attention to practical rather than comfort ( So people will leave immediately after the meal, not in the have a rest) 。 Here is to introduce you to furniture installation method and points of conjoined fast-food restaurants. 1, if the ground uneven in fast food restaurants, or a fast-food restaurants free floor drum will lead to conjoined fast-food restaurants tables and chairs is installed easily after shaking. Conjoined fast-food restaurants, therefore, desk and chair to install the first point is to flat on the ground, the divide between the two pieces of floor tile must not exceed 2 mm, and if it is the floor to the ground of the fast food restaurants for decoration, so the floor and are not free drum, it will cause the screw can't lock, desk and chair is easy to shake. 2, conjoined fast-food restaurants when furniture installation cannot be installed against the wall, Don't want to save space and install) against the wall , table spacing generally take 30 - with the wall 50 mm, and the spacing of partition table with glass for 50 - commonly 60 mm, and the distance between the two chairs face generally is 1600 mm. 3, conjoined fast-food restaurants, tables and chairs when installing the most important thing is to plan, the most basic requirement is horizontal lines, vertical lines, from the left and right sides can be seen as a line, before and after no obvious gap between tables and chairs.
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