How to select booth sofa?

by:Uptop Furnishings     2020-08-14
Booth sofa is a kind of all food and beverage management place need visitors. The fashion, the atmosphere, it has far more than ordinary chair to sit. Today is to introduce you to them the selection method of sofa. 1, the surface craft booth sofa after bought first to see if it with dining-room whole decorates match. There are a lot of booth sofa although a single phone looks nice, but in the restaurant after will appear abrupt. In addition, but also see how booth sofa process the surface of the work, such as whether the fabric close skin, soft, fabric quality, fabric stitches closely, whether to have joint, whether can unpick and wash the design, etc. 2, see the fabrics and sponge booth sofa fabric is divided into cloth and paper art, which is divided into dozens of kinds of cloth fabrics, the properties of each kind of fabric is different, need careful resolution. But also to pay special attention to the fabric of spin, and whether support water washing. And paper art fabrics, restaurant use of them seldom use real leather sofa, mostly faux fur, but the imitation leather is divided into a lot of kinds, the choose and buy when need from leather gloss, feel softness, smell, abrasion resistance and so on to distinguish the fabric quality. And booth sofa using sponge, first is to distinguish native sponge or cellulose sponge, the second is to look at the density of sponge. The strength of the sponge density, the greater the resilience, but poor comfort; On the contrary, the smaller the sponge density, elastic, is often a sit down is a pit, and if it is booth sofa using cotton fiber thickness thin, can feel the sofa frame directly. Booth sofa best is to use two layers of sponge, bottom with high density primary cotton, the surface with medium density sponge. This ensures high rebound of the sofa, and ensure the comfort of the sofa. Of course, the thickness of the sponge is also very important. 3, booth sofa sofa framework is essentially the framework of wood products. There are man-made board, has a solid wood frame. But the most solid wood frame + combination of man-made board. Gets stuck in the sofa design, general base location will have a small zipper, consumers to buy booth sofa can be here to see the inside of the sofa frame. Can see sofa internal situation, such as whether completely real wood production, real wood surface polishing, sofa frame the connection between the way and so on. And if the booth of the frame is solid wood frame sofa, you also need to pay attention to the new solid wood, solid wood is whether there is a phenomenon of mildew, and wood to see if there is a lot of bug and fast knot. These will affect the quality of the booth sofa. Internal check to lift the sofa after a foot, shake up and down, to see if the sofa squeaky, whether there are apart. The above is a choice of the booth the quality inspection methods of sofa!
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